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Updates from MC

This section will contain updates from time to time, from the Managing Council directly to Members of the KCA.

We hope that through this channel of communication, members can be kept updated on certain important matters, of concern to all of us.

September 2018: Updates

posted Sep 26, 2018, 7:32 AM by IT Administrator   [ updated Jan 21, 2022, 1:49 AM ]

At the Annual Thanksgiving Mass held in April 2018, the President of the KCA, Mr. Sunil Alva, personally thanked and appreciated the contribution of the Members of the Managing Council, the various Sub-Committees, and the KCA Staff, for the progress the KCA had made over the past 3 years.  

Note: In Vol. 3, Issue 2, of the Amchi Khobor, the appreciation was covered for the Members of the Managing Council.  In Vol. 3, Issue 3, of the Amchi Khobor, the appreciation is covered for the various Sub-Committees, and the Staff of KCA, Mumbai.

Legal and Finance Sub-Committee
Led by Senior Advocate and Chairperson, Mr. George Dass, Members of the Sub-Committee have played a crucial role in helping the KCA get back on its feet over the past three years.  From the oversight of the Special Audit (which enabled the General Body to pass the Accounts of 7 years at the AGM of 2016), to advice on the ongoing legal dispute over the Noble Chambers Office, the legal and financial brains of the KCA have given off their valuable time, effort and professional expertise to the institution.  

Our special thanks to Sub-Committee Members - Mr. Anil Martis,  Senior Banker with Citizen Bank; Mr. Sunil Lobo, Senior Banker with BNP Paribas Bank; Ms. Lidvina Pereira, retired Senior Banker; Mr. Arvind Pinto, Advocate and retired Chief Commissioner of Income Tax; and Mr. Eric D'Sa, Member of the Managing Council, and Authorized Representative of the KCA in the Court Case with Noble Chambers.  

Ms. Lidvina Pereira and Mr. Arvind Pinto were also co-opted on to the Managing Council after serving on this important Sub-Committee.  

Our special thanks to Mr. John D'Silva for his ongoing efforts in helping to amicably resolve the contentious matter of Noble Chambers.

Cultural and Recreation Sub-Committee

If the KCA's cultural programs became the 'talk of the town' over the past 3 years, it is down to the meticulous planning and splendid organising skills of our Cultural and Recreation Team!  

Led by Chairperson, Ms. Clara Menezes (KCA Vice-President) - who tool on the challenge created by the void of the resigning Chairperson in 2016), and ably assisted by the redoubtable Mr. Richard D'Souza - who sadly passed away in August 2018; Mr. Lancy D'Souza - retired Executive from airline industry, speaker, MC and organiser par-excellence; and the unassuming Mr. Albert Machado - Director of a large firm in the private sector, who was instrumental in ensuring the Monti Fest celebrations over the past couple of years were a grand success.

Restarting our cultural programs after a gap of several years in never an easy task - but the response from Members for our quarterly events is testament to the excellent job done by this hard-working team.  

Social and Charitable Sub-Committee 

Being a charitable institution, our Social and Charitable Sub-Committee plays an important role in the life of the KCA.  Starting from 'scratch', quite literally, the Members of the Sub-Committee led by Chairperson, Ms. Anne-Marie Rego, put in place the Medical and Educational Assistance Programs of the KCA, developed the Application Forms, and drew up the Rules and Guidelines, in consultation with the Managing Council.

The team consists of Mr. Adrian Correa, retired Senior Executive from a reputed multi-national company, and Ms. Sunita Pais, Masters in Social Work with experience in the NGO sector - which meets regularly and takes great pains, going through each application, doing background checks and reviewing documentation - making sure that all Rules and Guidelines are adhered to.  Ms. Janet D'Souza also served on the Sub-Committee for a short time.

Editorial Sub-Committee (Amchi Khobor)

Led by our dynamic and energetic Chairperson and Editor, Mr. Frederick Mendonca, and assisted by two distinguished women with Doctorates in their fields of expertise - Dr. Kranti Farias, Historian; and Dr. Jeanette Pinto, Historian, Author and Educationist; the Editorial Team has ensured that for the past two and a half years, our much loved Amchi Khobor issues have become collector's items - with information and news about the present and past of the KCA.

As a representative of the Managing Council on the Sub-Committee, Mr. Eric D'Sa was the brainchild behind the initiative - a news magazine for the Association revived after several decades!  Special thanks to Ms. Deepika Lobo and Ms. Anne-Marie Rego who have joined the Sub-Committee recently, injecting the much needed 'younger blood' in the Committee.   

Sports Sub-Committee

Sports has been an integral part of the KCA, since the KCA Sports Club was set up in the 1920's.  In recent times, sports has been restricted to the badminton in our Ground Floor Hall.  The credit for taking Sports @ KCA to a 'different level' goes to our Sports Sub-Committee consisting of Mr. Merwyn D'Souza, retired sea farer, Mr. Christopher Alvares, former State Athletics Champion, and Mr. Neville Mascarenhas, retired Executive and former Vice-President of the KCA.  

Under leadership of Chairpersons, Christopher Alvares, and later, Merwyn D'Souza, the scope of sports has expanded to athletics, table tennis, fitness, yoga, and zumba with over 300 Members signing up till date!  The funds generated from sports has increased 6 times over the past three years, and all of it has been deployed to improve facilities, and equipment at the KCA.

The inauguration of the Sports and Fitness Centre in 2017 was the outcome of the hard work put in by this dynamic team.

Housie Sub-Committee
If our weekly Housie is popular at the KCA, it is all thanks to the efforts of the Housie Team, which consists of three Sub-Committee Members, and a dedicated band of KCA Member - Volunteers.  

Led by the efficient and no-nonsense Chairperson, Ms. Denita Gomes, and assisted by Ms. Joan Buckenham and Mr. Henri Saldanha, 200 - 250 Members and Guests have enjoyed the well-run Housie at the KCA for the past three years.  

Our special thanks to Denita for working with the Managing Council to put in place Rules and Guidelines for the Housie, and ensuring that Housie accounting is thorough, transparent, and audited - avoiding some of the problems faced in the past.

Counseling Centre Sub-Committee

The Counseling Centre is a recent addition to our list of Sub-Committees led by the Chairperson, Ms. Deepika Lobo, qualified Psychologist and Counselor.  A new Member of the KCA herself, Deepika Lobo, has several ideas and plans on how the Counseling Centre, can be built up to offer services to Members of our community.

Some of the Managing Council Members, including Mr. Merwyn D'Souza, Ms. Lidvina Pereira, and Ms. Clara Menezes helped in the formation of the Sub-Committee, and it hoped that other Members will come forward to help in this new initiative, which we hope will later morph into a community centre to be set-up on the Mezzanine Floor of the KCA building, providing various services to Members.

Balloting Committee

The Balloting Committee plays a very important role in helping to screen and admit new Members of the KCA.  As per KCA Rules, the President of the KCA chairs the Committee of seven Life Members of the KCA.  Various Members of the KCA have been part of the Committee over the past three years including Mr. Walter Nazareth, Mr. Eric D'Sa, Dr. Christopher Rego, and Ms. Josephine Vas, who also served on the Managing Council.  Other Members included are Mr. Conald Baptist, Mr. Anil Martis, and Mr. Adrian Vaz.

Thanks to the efforts of the Balloting Committee, the Membership Fee Structure was revamped and approved at the Annual General Meeting in 2017.  More importantly, almost 60 new Members joined the KCA over the past three years, including more than 40 Life Members.


April 2018: Updates

posted Sep 8, 2018, 6:17 AM by IT Administrator   [ updated Sep 9, 2018, 5:30 AM ]

At the Annual Thanksgiving Mass held in April 2018, the President of the KCA, Mr. Sunil Alva, personally thanked and appreciated the contribution of the Members of the Managing Council, the various Sub-Committees, and the KCA Staff, for the progress the KCA had made over the past 3 years.  

Clara Menezes : Vice President 
(Office Bearer and Trustee 2015 - 2018)
Quiet and unassuming, Clara used her vast administrative and organisational skills to improve the working of the KCA, always being available to help and assist in a wide variety of tasks - from building repairs, to Charity Commissioner matters, to handling staff issues.  She took on the additional responsibility of organising our 4 events each year, as head of the Cultural and Recreation Sub-committee.

Vernon Alvares : Hon. Treasurer
(Office Bearer and Trustee 2015 - 2018)
A dynamo of energy, and the 'behind-the-scenes' man, Vernon has taken on several tasks well beyond the call of duty of his role as the Hon. Treasurer.  Besides, being the 'go-to' person for any crisis, he oversaw the first round of repairs at the KCA, and used his considerable experience in event management to revamp our hall booking process.  He also transitioned the KCA to an upgraded ERP Accounting System, and ensured that the Accounts of the KCA are always up-to-date, and in order.

Praveen Pereira : Hon. Secretary
(Office Bearer and Trustee 2015 - 2018) 
An institution like the KCA is subject to many rules, regulations, and laws, and Praveen helped to ensure that we followed them to a 'T'.  He spearheaded the transition from the previous committee, and helped to streamline processes around hall and hostel administration, while also handling staff matters, member correspondence, and member grievances.

Eric D'Sa
(Council Member 2016 - 2018) 
'Eric the Terrific', as we like to address him, has been a great source of inspiration, and encouragement to all of us on the Managing Council, especially the young team of Office Bearers.  With an energy that belies his age (and the fact that he is a cancer survivor), he has been driving force behind several initiatives of the Managing Council, including the Amchi Khobor News-Magazine, the Life Membership drive and the Monti Fest.

He has used his vast experience as a successful entrepreneur, and founder of an NGO, to help the KCA on many different fronts.  Importantly, Eric is the designated 'witness' in the ongoing court case concerning the Noble Chambers Office, and he makes the long journey to the court, month after month, for the hearings.  At a recent hearing, the judge commended Eric for his spirited effort to protect the interest of the KCA - and we are extremely grateful to Eric for taking up this onerous task.

Ryan Pais
(Council Member 2016 - 2018)  
Ryan is a senior executive with wide experience in the corporate sector, holding various positions in the banking and hospitality industries.  Along with Eric, he has been the longest serving member on the Managing Council, and has often been the calming influence, and a voice of reason during our sometimes heated discussions!  Ryan was recently co-opted onto the negotiating team tasked with reaching a just and peaceful settlement in our legal dispute with Model Bank.

Lidvina Pereira
(Council Member 2016 - 2018)
Lidvina served on the Legal and Finance Sub-Committee before joining the Managing Council.  As a recently retired senior banker, Lidvina has considerable experience in Finance and Banking, and was instrumental in helping us to study the KCA Accounts for the 8 years prior to 2015, and having the same approved by the General Body in 2016.  She is also spearheading the streamlining of our property, and building related compliance issues along with the appointed Architect and Consultants.

Arvind Pinto
(Council Member 2017 - 2018)
Arvind is a well-respected former IRS-Officer, and recently retired as Chief Commissioner of Income Tax.  Arvind also served on the KCA Legal and Finance Sub-Committee before joining the Managing Council.  He currently practices as an Advocate in the High Court, and serves on various committees, and boards of community institutions in Mumbai.  He has taken a keen interest in resolving the legal dispute with Model Bank, and his counsel and advice, is much valued by all on the Managing Council.

Walter Nazareth
(Council Member 2017 - 2018)
Walter is a well-known, and highly successful entrepreneur, and runs one of the largest fire services businesses in the country.  He is an IIT Graduate, and served on the Balloting Committee of the KCA before joining the Managing Council.  He has also been advising the KCA on the building and property related compliance issues, and is working with our Architect on the matter.  A well-respected and prominent Member of the Kanarite Community, Walter has been instrumental in attracting many new Life Members to the KCA.

Merwyn D'Souza
(Council Member 2017 - 2018)   
Merwyn recently retired from the Merchant Navy, and has been actively involved in KCA activities for several years.  Merwyn served on the Sports Sub-Committee before joining the Managing Council, and was instrumental in the revival of sporting activities at the KCA culminating in the inauguration of the Sports and Fitness Centre in 2017.  A great 'people-person', Merwyn is the leader of his parish prayer group, and senior citizen cell, and helps the KCA on many fronts, including handling staff issues, helping in overseeing building repairs, and most recently, getting the KCA Counseling Centre, off the ground.

Anne-Marie Rego
(Council Member 2017 - 2018)   
Anne-Marie served on the Social and Charitable Sub-Committee before joining the Managing Council, and has been instrumental in reviving our charitable activities, which is one of our core objectives, as an institution.  An acclaimed musician, and active in civic affairs in Bandra, Anne-Marie and her Team, have streamlined our charitable outreach under the Educational and Medical Assistance Funds with a clear process and transparent guidelines for disbursal of funds.

Joan Buckenham
(Council Member 2016 - 2017)      
Joan has been actively involved in KCA affairs for several years, and served on the Managing Council on many previous occasions.  Her considerable administrative experience, and involvement on committees of other institutions, and gymkhanas meant that her views and opinions on various issues faced by the KCA were much valued.  Joan was also instrumental in reviving the weekly Housie at the KCA, and served as Chairperson of the Housie Sub-Committee, ensuring that it was professionally run, with the help of the Sub-Committee Members, and the dedicated band of member-volunteers, and KCA Staff.

Jessie Vas
(Council Member 2016 - 2017)  
Jessie served on the Balloting Committee before joining the Managing Council.  A well-known, and widely respected educationist, she was the former Principal of Jamnabhai Narsee School, and is currently a Trustee on the Jamnabhai and Narsee Monjee Educational Trusts.  Jessie's advice and guidance was much respected in the Managing Council, and her positive energy and support of various new initiatives of the KCA was much appreciated.

Neville Mascarenhas
(Council Member 2015 - 2016)    
Neville has served on the Managing Council of the KCA from the 1990's, and has been a former Vice President of the KCA.  An experienced former executive in the corporate sector, Neville has been a mentor and guide to the Office Bearers throughout the last 3 years, especially during the first year, when there were several ups and downs.  Subsequent to his stint on the Managing Council, Neville served on the Sports Sub-Committee, and also played a key role in the revival of Sports and Fitness activities at the KCA.

Dr. Christopher Rego
(Council Member 2015 - 2016) 
Another unassuming and 'behind-the-scenes' Member of the Managing Council, Christopher carried on the tradition of his parents and grandparents, prominent members of the Kanarite Community, who served on the KCA Managing Council in the years gone by.  A math and computer wiz, he was instrumental in computerising the member database, updating member details, identifying 'missing' members, and getting the KCA web-site up and running.  Subsequent to his stint on the Managing Council, Christopher served on the Balloting Committee of the KCA.

Christopher Alvares, Sunita Pais, and Aloysius Rego also served on the Managing Council for a short time.  Their contribution is much appreciated.             

Sep 2017 : Updates

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Annual General Meeting (AGM):

The 86th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Members of the Kanara Catholic Association was held on September 3, 2017.

Click here to read more about the AGM of September 3, 2017.

Jul 2017 : Updates

posted May 9, 2018, 3:29 AM by IT Administrator   [ updated May 9, 2018, 3:36 AM ]

Special General Body Meeting (SpGM):

A Special General Body Meeting (SpGM) of the Members of the Kanara Catholic Association was held on July 8, 2017.

Click here to read more about the SPGM of July 8, 2017.

Sep-Oct 2016: Updates

posted Dec 10, 2016, 4:10 AM by IT Administrator   [ updated May 8, 2018, 10:35 PM ]

Annual General Meeting (AGM);

The 85th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Members of the Kanara Catholic Association was held on September 25, 2016.  

Click here to read more about the AGM of September 25, 2016. 

Jul-Aug 2016: Updates

posted Sep 8, 2016, 6:16 AM by IT Administrator   [ updated May 9, 2018, 3:27 AM ]

Special General Body Meeting (SpGM);

A Special General Body Meeting (SpGM) of the Members of the Kanara Catholic Association was held on August 28, 2016.  

Click here to read more about the SpGM of August 28, 2016.  

KCA News Magazine and KCA Website:
The KCA News Magazine, titled Amchi Khobor, meaning 'Our News' and the KCA Website was launched at a function held on July 23, 2016 by Mr. Winston Vaz and Bishop Percival Fernandez respectively at the KCA Community Hall in Bandra.  

Click here to read more about the launch of the KCA News Magazine and KCA Website.

May-Jun 2016: Updates

posted Jun 26, 2016, 4:50 AM by IT Administrator   [ updated Jun 27, 2016, 8:06 AM ]

KCA News Magazine:  
The KCA News Magazine is being re-started after a gap of several years (we are still trying to find out if it was published after 1941, which is the last year of which we have a record!).  An editorial board has been formed & preparations are on for a launch in July

Appointment of Balloting Committee & Opening of Membership
A new balloting committee has been appointed & new membership has been opened (click the links for more)

Appointment of Legal & Finance sub-committee
A new Legal & Finance sub-committee has been appointed to advise the managing council on various legal & financial matters including the Noble Chambers legal case, last 7 years accounts etc

Information Technology improvements
  • Installation of a CCTV surveillance system was set-up to improve the security environment of the KCA premises
  • Registration of KCA as an NGO with Nasscom - for free & subsidized software products & services
  • Registration of www.kcamumbai.org & installation of free google apps services including e-mail, website etc
  • KCA website planned for launch in July (with the KCA News Magazine)
Important decision regarding members being vendors of the KCA
The following guidelines were approved by the Managing Council regarding members who do work (as a supplier or contractor) for the KCA:
  • Trustees or their relatives:  cannot be a vendor of the KCA as per Income-tax Rules (relative is defined as sibling, parent, child or spouse)
  • Managing Council Members:  cannot be a vendor as long as they serve on the Council (as per proposed KCA code of ethics)
  • Sub-committee Members: cannot be a vendor as long as they serve on the Sub-committee (as per proposed KCA code of ethics)
This decision, we believe will enhance the credibility of the KCA & prevent any conflict of interest situations from arising.

Apr 2016: Updates

posted Jun 26, 2016, 4:49 AM by IT Administrator   [ updated Jun 27, 2016, 8:03 AM ]

New Sub-committees formed
After the first function for members in more than 7 years, and the hectic efforts to complete the repair work before the Thanksgiving Mass, the momentum towards getting the KCA out of its hibernation gathered pace.  The Social & Charitable sub-committee and the Sports sub-committee were constituted & met for the first time.  Planning began for re-starting the Housie sessions for members, with stronger checks & balances than earlier.  

Building organizational capacity
Strengthening internal processes & building organizational capacity to handle the increase in activity, were given a priority.  A new senior manager, with more than 20 years experience in the banking sector (Citizen Bank, IndusInd Bank, HSBC) was recruited alongwith another junior executive to handle Hall management & administration.  

The computerization & updation of the member database was given a fillip with the recruitment of a Member Relations executive, who even went to visit some of the members at their homes.  When the new council took over there were no computerised membership records available, with our only reference point being 7-8 hard copies of address books;  significant progress has been made since then. 

Our Accounting system (Tally) which was running on a 2007 version was upgraded to the latest Tally ERP (2016 version) for the new financial year.  
Building a fire-exit for the first floor halls & completing some of the unfinished repair work (under the able supervision of our Treasurer, Vernon Alvares) were some of the other matters that were addressed

Feb-Mar 2016: Repairs

posted Jun 26, 2016, 4:45 AM by IT Administrator   [ updated May 8, 2018, 10:33 PM ]

There were 3 main issues which were debated by the Managing Council, before it decided to undertake extensive repairs & renovations in Feb-Mar 2016
  • The issue of the Repair Fund / 12A compliance as explained earlier here
  • A statutorily required Structural Audit (required for all buildings more than 30 years old), had just been completed and extensive repairs were recommended at an initially estimated cost of Rs 60 lacs (as computed by the structural engineer); certain repairs (like plaster falling off the hall ceiling, demolition of dilapidated structures in the compound) were recommended to be done on an urgent basis as there was threat to life & limb
  • The Cultural & Recreation sub-committee, who were planning for the Thanksgiving Mass, requested the Managing Council if the repair / renovation of the Hall, Bathrooms & Compound could be taken up before the function planned for April 2, 2016, as the premises were in a really bad state; not much attention was paid to repairs while the KCA was in 'hibernation' for the previous 7 years
While the Council was open to take this up on war footing & quickly appoint a contractor for the same, we had to comply with Rule 11(b) of the KCA Rules & Regulations which states "Awarding of Contract of over Rs one lakh after inviting quotations shall be reserved for the General Body"

Given the time constraints in calling for a General Body Meeting, after much debate, the council decided to go ahead with certain repairs & renovations strictly within the rules of the KCA, without contravening Rule 11(b), on the following basis:
  • The work would be done on a time & material (T&M) basis; no contract would be awarded 
  • The KCA would buy material directly from vendors & directly hire labour for specific work like carpenters, masons, electricians etc 
  • 3 quotations would be taken for specific pieces of work where vendors were appointed and wherever considered practical. 
  • All payments to be made strictly by cheque 
  • TDS to be deducted on all payments 
  • The Managing Council to closely monitor, review & approve the work from time to time
Update on August 10, 2016:
Out of the total amount of Rs 21,17,947, an amount of Rs 18,82,852 has been considered in the financial statements for the previous year ended March 31, 2016, while the balance of Rs 2,35,095 will be considered in the financial statements for the current year ie the year ended March 31, 2017.

This amount was spent from the repair fund and has been categorised as Urgent Repairs (Rs 5,03,835) and Renovations / Improvements (Rs 16,14,112) respectively. A summary of the amount expended is provided in the table below:

Members may also note that the entire expenditure has been audited by our Statutory Auditors, Gonsalves & Associates. Further, the Legal & Finance Committee of the KCA, which is independent of the Managing Council, has reviewed & approved of the expenditure.

A summary of the expenditure including dates of approvals at MC meetings, list of bills from vendors, list of cheques issued, details of TDS deducted etc, for each of the 2 categories of expenses, can be downloaded from the files below

Those members interested in seeing some photographs & more details of the expenses including scanned copies of the bills can click here.

Feb 2016: Updates

posted Jun 26, 2016, 4:17 AM by IT Administrator   [ updated Jun 27, 2016, 8:09 AM ]

With the revocation of suspensions completed, many of the active members of the KCA came forward to offer their help & services to the Association.

The Managing Council sent out it's first communication to members (the letter can be downloaded below), the Cultural & Recreation sub-committee was constituted & the Managing Council was revamped.

A Thanksgiving Mass was the most appropriate way to kick-off activities at the KCA.  However, since Lent was already upon us, the Mass was postponed to April 2 (after Easter).  You can read more about the Thanksgiving Mass & Get-together here.

Important Decision regarding Managing Council members:  
After some discussion, the Managing Council decided that immediate relatives (siblings, parents, children, spouses) should not serve on the Council at the same time.  Moreover, members on previous Councils confirmed that this was a long tradition of the KCA, which had been followed for many years.  Although there was nothing in the KCA Rules & Regulations preventing this, the Council felt that the credibility of the institution was enhanced by this tradition.  

Following this decision, a couple of Managing Council members stepped down & new members came on board.  For the current list of Managing Council members, please click here.

Repair Fund:  
Most members with a financial or legal bent of mind will appreciate that as a 12A organisation under Income Tax law, there are certain statutory requirements to met to comply with this section.  One of these is that 85% of the income of the KCA must be spent towards the objects of the Trust.  If 85% cannot be spent in that year, it can be carried forward & spent within 5 years succeeding that year.  If not spent within the given 5-year period, income tax with associated interest & penalties are applicable on the unspent amount.

The repair & maintenance of trust assets (our building) comes within the definition of 'objects of the Trust'.  The previous Managing Council was wise enough to understand that the 47-year old building that we occupy needs periodic repairs, and the accumulated balance in the Repair Fund stood at Rs 90 lacs as of October 2015, when the new Managing Council took over.

In order to comply with the requirements of Section 12A, and to keep the institution from being penalised with tax, interest & penalties, an amount of Rs 18.15 lacs needed to be spent before March 31, 2016.  With this background, the Managing Council decided to undertake certain critical repairs before March 31.

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