KCA Hall & Hostel: History

Excerpt from the souvenir on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the KCA Hall & Hostel

"In 1961, when the Kanara Catholic Association was celebrating its Sixtieth Anniversary, the problem of accommodation for young men coming mainly from the districts of North and South Kanara, to the Metropolis of Bombay on search of jobs, was found to be very acute. 

The then council took upon itself, with the active participation of all members, the task of addressing this crying need of the time, to start a Diamond Jubilee fund with the objective of constructing a Hostel and a community Hall - it was aptly given the name "Yuvakalaya" (Abode for the Youth).

The response was very encouraging and within a short while an active collection drive was started, and a plot of land acquired. Plans for a building were drawn up, permissions and approvals obtained and the foundation stone was laid in 1963"

For the full version, download a scanned copy of the 1994 souvenir below

List of Donors

 Name Amount (Rs)
 Mark Vaz 25,001 
 Noel Mathias24,500 
 Swiss Catholic Foundation17,300 
 LX Rego 10,562 
 Margaret Pinto 10,000 
 Lulu Vaz 10,000 
 9 Large Donors (Rs 5,000 - 8,000) 48,300 
 Other Donors (Rs 100 - 1,000) 
 Donors from Mumbai 64,347 
 Donors from Mangalore 14,150 
 Donors from Abroad 4,385 
 Total 228,545 

The complete List of Donors can be downloaded below
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