Member Activities

Member activities are the life-blood of the KCA!

Whether it is participating in recreational activities like a fun-game of housie, playing a good game of badminton or reaching out & helping others in a spirit of service & is the members of the KCA that make the organisation what it is today - a vibrant community of people, with a common heritage, living out the ideals set-out by the founders:  fostering a spirit of union, friendship and self help among the members of the Association and others

We sincerely hope more members will come forward to give of their time & expertise to help the KCA live out its ideals & achieve the aims & objectives of this wonderfully unique institution!

After a long period of hibernation, the KCA is waking up from its slumber!  It is up to you, dear members to actively participate in & enjoy the various events & activities planned by each of the sub-committees 
Member activities are centered around three broad areas, each managed by sub-committees as follows:
  • Social & Charitable - which takes forward the legacy of service & reaching out to others that has been the mainstay of this institution
  • Cultural & Recreation - which focuses on member get-togethers, cultural programs & recreational activities, much looked forward to by our members
  • Sports - which takes forward the long sporting tradition of the KCA & promotes the physical well-being of members 

The sub-committees have been empowered with full autonomy to plan events & tailor activities to the needs of members, while keeping within the framework of the Laws & Rules that govern our Association.

We encourage more members to come forward to help & join the sub-committees, asking not what the KCA can do for you, but what you can do for the KCA!